Other opportunities

You may be interested in other opportunities abroad offered by partner institutions of the University of Reading (in some capacity) and external organisations. Please take a look at the links below which offer additional options for you to consider.

Please note that these opportunities are not coordinated by the University of Reading and we are therefore signposting you to be able to do your own research to work out if they are suitable for you. Any tuition/participation costs to be incurred need to be met by the participant, and are not available on a fee waiver basis.

Please let the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office know if you decide to apply for any of the programmes, as we may be able to provide support and guidance in preparation for going abroad.

Applications for 2020/21 have closed. However see below for the types of activities you could apply for in 2021/22.

Graz International Summer School Seggau 2020 (GUSEGG)