Brilliant Opportunity

Written by Angelica Belarte

Hello, I am Angelica Belarte, a current Erasmus+ student at the University of Reading on the Study Abroad Programme 2020. I am 24 years old and I am researching about American Literature. The term ‘Erasmus’ means so much to me especially since this is my second Erasmus experience. It does not simply involve travelling to a new country, but in doing so, we open up to a brilliant opportunity, which allow us to embrace a new culture including its people, the culinary tradition, their music, and the TV shows. I personally love British culture and its idiosyncrasy, and Reading is a lovely town where I have just been for three weeks, that is why I am really excited about the upcoming months. As I see it, it is fairly easy to make friends especially because we are all in the same situation. As for the campus, I would highlight the Whiteknights Campus since it is the heart of the university. It includes the Co-op, the University of Reading Students’ Union, and the library, among other buildings of relevance both for their purpose and their architecture. I strongly encourage other students to take this opportunity as it is a fantastic way to meet people from other cultures, get involved in societies, live independently, and improve the English language!

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