Re-Act by Design International Design Workshop 202

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Our Erasmus Staff Exchange experience with the University of Antwerp was fantastic, very rewarding. We were selected as one of 17 international teams to take part on the Re-Act by Design International Design Workshop 2020 organised by the Faculty of Design Sciences at University of Antwerp, this year focused on the socially relevant theme of the ‘commons’. The International Design Workshop takes a transdisciplinary approach to pedagogy by bringing together Master level students from a range of disciplines: Architecture, Urbanism and Spatial Planning, Product Development, and Heritage Studies. Our workshop “Urban Come-On’s” created a unique opportunity to combine our research interests in propositional map-making and micro-scale playful urban interventions with innovative practice-based collaborative design pedagogy. It was an intensive week of collaboration between students and members of the community of Luchtbal, creating proposals for micro-scale, pre-figurative, urban interventions that were enthusiastically welcomed by local community. The exchanges and connections enabled by this Erasmus exchange with both the academic have been instrumental in developing our research and pedagogical approach to design teaching, and we are looking forward to future collaborations with the Faculty of Design Sciences at University of Antwerp and the local community.

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