Sungkyunkwan University

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Partner Information
Location:Seoul, South Korea  
Partnership Type:University wide
Who can participate:All UoR disciplines that allow Study Abroad that are taught at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU).
Competitiveness / Popularity:High
Entry requirements:Minimum 55% average
Language of tuition:Standard language of tuition is Korean, but some courses taught in English for exchange students.
Semester dates (approximate):Semester 1: August – December
Semester 2: February – June
See SKKU academic schedule page
Academic / module information:SKKU incoming exchange student page (see Course Catalog section)
SKKU Course catalog
Accommodation:SKKU Housing webpage
Additional needs information:SKKU Services for Students with Disabilities webpage
Approximate Carbon footprint:Estimated 3.55 tonnes of CO2e (LHR to ICN return) (using Carbon Footprint)
FCDO country link:See GOV UK South Korea travel advice webpage
Suggested living costs:
Potential additional costs:A student visa might required to study in South Korea.
Health insurance will be required
NBĀ – Eligible students might be able to recoup some costs through Student Finance.
Tuition fees: See Study Abroad webpage
Bursaries:See Study Abroad webpage
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