All study undertaken abroad will be recognized by your School and your time abroad will be noted on your academic transcript.

You are usually expected to study modules at the partner university in the same subject as your degree programme at Reading. However you might be able to study language, culture or possibly even modules in related academic subjects to your degree.

The final decision regarding the modules you can study will be made together with your Study Abroad Coordinator before you go abroad. They will be able to provide you with guidance and explain how this will transfer back to your Reading degree.

Credit Systems

The credit system at the partner will be different to Reading.


Institutions will normally use ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). The conversion is 2 Reading credits = 1 ECTS. A full year workload is 60 ECTS (120 Reading credits).

If you Study Abroad for less than a year, most institutions will expect you to study 30 ECTS (60 Reading credits).

Outside Europe

Your School Study Abroad Coordinator will advise you regarding transfer of credits back to your degree programme. 

As a guide we suggest

  • Australia: Monash 2 credits = 5 Reading credits;  La Trobe 1 credit = 1 Reading credit
  • Canada: 1 Canadian credit = 4 Reading credits
  • USA: Generally 3 US credits = 15 Reading credits

Please note that it is your responsibility to liaise with your Study Abroad Coordinator(s) in order to gain approval for credit transfer.

Semester dates

you Semester dates at partner universities will likely be different to those at the University of Reading.

The semester dates / academic dates at most partner institutions will differ to those at the University of Reading. For example Australia uses the calendar year (January – December) as its academic year, rather than the September – June academic year used at Reading. Students studying abroad for a full year in Australia follow the Reading academic year, starting their studies in Australia in Semester 2 of one Australian academic year, and continuing into Semester 1 of the following Australian academic year.

Grade Conversions

Full details will be provided to you either by your School or the Study Abroad Office.