Disability Support

Studying abroad with a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty, long term medical condition or mental health difficulty

We have been able to successfully send many students with disabilities or additional needs abroad as part of their Reading degree and are committed to trying to make Study Abroad accessible to everyone, where possible, working internally within the University and externally with our partner institutions and organisations to try to put support in place at application stage and whilst students are abroad. 

One of the most important things you can do to have a wonderful experience studying abroad, is to research which is the right country and right university for your study abroad experience.  If you have particular support needs or adjustments which are made for you here at The University of Reading, you will want to look at what support services and provisions are offered in other countries and universities, and how they will meet your needs as this will vary across partner institutions.  Some factors you may want to consider are:

  • What support services do they have in place?
  • How would they provide the types of support you need?  For example, if you have a notetaker in Reading, would they provide a notetaker, a technological solution or something else?
  • Is university accommodation or private accommodation available which would meet your needs? For example:
    • How close is the accommodation to the university?
    • Are rooms in halls usually single or shared?
    • Does the institution provide adapted rooms?
  • What about the location of the university? For example:
    • What are transport links like?  (for daily commuting and to airports)
    • Is it within reach of any particular facilities you may need?  eg shops, doctor’s surgeries, hospitals
  • Are there any restrictions in the country about medications you need to take?
  • If you currently have help with personal or daily care, how would this work in the country or university of your choice?
  • What funding assistance can you get to meet any disability related needs?

There are links to partner institutions’ websites on the Where? page, which you can use to start researching your study abroad adventure. We are working towards adding specific links to disability services or support services for these institutions so that you can find out which universities you like the look of and which ones can meet your needs in a way that you’re happy with. 


There could be some additional financial support available to assist you also:

Erasmus+ funding

Funding is available (upon application to the Erasmus+ National Agency) for participants whose individual mental, physical or health-related condition is such that participation would not be possible without extra financial support.

Students can apply via the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office, before the start of the academic year in which the mobility activity is scheduled to take place

To be eligible for the additional funding certain criteria must be met:

  • Participant must have an officially recognised disability or special need.
  • The application must be supported by a medical practitioner (verifying certain facts / information).
  • The application is submitted prior to the start of the mobility.

Please contact Erasmus & Study Abroad Office (studyabroad@reading.ac.uk) for more information.