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As well as Study Abroad, it could be possible to work abroad as part of your Reading degree.

The majority of work / training placement opportunities abroad take place in degree programmes that offer a full-year in industry option. However where this is not possible some Schools may recognise a placement undertaken during a summer vacation period.

If you are interested in undertaking an international work placement as part of your degree at the University of Reading you are strongly encouraged to make contact with the University Careers & Employability Centre which will provide you with information and support, together with the Placement Officers located across the Teaching & Learning Support Centres.


If you work abroad within Europe you could be eligible to receive an additional financial contribution through the Erasmus+ Training programme (as well as getting paid by your employer!).  

CountryTraining (work) in 2020/21
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway€ 520
Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal€470
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey€470

An additional €20 per month is available for students from disadvantaged backgrounds on top of this higher grant amount.

Erasmus+ funding is provided with the support of the European Commission.

At present the UK is currently a Programme Country of the Erasmus+ programme. UK institutions’ access to the Erasmus+ programme will be decided through the UK government’s future negotiations with the EU. If this changes in the future then we will provide further information on our website and communicate with those potentially impacted. More information can be found in the government’s technical notice regarding Erasmus+. Please also see the University of Reading’s BREXIT Student FAQs page.

Further information

Examples and resources of opportunities that could be available include:

Note: The opportunities listed are not owned or organised by the University of Reading however are listed as illustrative of opportunities that might be available to students. The opportunities listed on the Study Abroad website are correct at the time of publication.

Apply for funding

If you are arranging a work placement in an Erasmus+ programme country and you wish to apply for funding, please email the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office on for further information on funding.