An experience not to forget!

Written by Beth Morris, BA English Literature

One of the reasons I applied to my course at the University of Reading was because it gave me the opportunity to study abroad, so of course, when the time came, I took it! I feel so fortunate to have been given such an opportunity, because it has undoubtedly been an unforgettable and life-enhancing experience. Sydney is a place I now consider home.

I feel that studying abroad has been beneficial in many areas of my life and with regards to my future and my prospective career. The University of Sydney, like Reading, demand a lot of hard work from you. Finding the balance between studying, working, travelling (and time to rest!) is essential because it’s easy to feel intimidated by it all. Going on exchange is exhausting, and of course, there are difficult times, but the challenges reap the rewards; the places you go, the experiences you gain, the people you meet and the friends you make are ones that will stick with you for a lifetime.

The University of Sydney is a friendly, supportive and inspiring place to study. The campus is beautiful, and the professors are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject areas. There are many support systems in place for students studying abroad which they make you aware of in various information sessions and events at the start of placement. The communications within the University are outstanding which is reassuring and makes it easy to settle in to your new environment.

The way in which your work is assessed is slightly different to Reading, which was challenging to adjust to. If anything, this experience taught me how to adapt my working style and also provided me with some new ideas and ways of how I can approach my work and studying when I return to Reading to complete my studies.

Sydney is a vibrant, busy and fun place to live. It is a very multicultural city, and Australia itself is an incredible and modern country. You meet many different people from all over the world who share fascinating things about their own cultures; you’re constantly learning! One of the things I loved the most about living and studying in Australia is that everyone is so welcoming, it’s hard not to call it home. I lived very close to the CBD because the University is situated within the city. This made it easy to do and see lots of things, whether it was going out with friends, having an afternoon at the beach or exploring the hidden gems Sydney has to offer!

I also took advantage of my free time to travel and learn more about Australia. I did two large road trips, including travelling through the Outback from Uluru down to Adelaide, and the East Coast seeing Melbourne, Brisbane and other Australia hot spots. I had many amazing experiences but seeing the Great Barrier Reef was definitely one of the highlights.

The best advice I can give to anyone thinking about studying abroad is to do it; mine was certainly an experience that I do not regret.


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