My Study Abroad Experience

Written by Kaitlin Hyde

At the beginning of my second year I went to Maastricht in the Netherlands, a University city which sits at the bottom of the country in between Belgium and Germany. It goes without saying that I loved my time abroad, all the way from my classes in cultural policy and heritage to morning bike rides to Belgium and back. I fully took advantage of my situation whilst I was there and I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Prague, Liege, Munich and Interlaken with my friends from Australia and the US who were as keen as I was to explore as much of Europe as possible – we still facetime weekly.

Whilst in the Netherlands not only did I learn a lot about the country and the culture itself, I also learnt a lot more about myself (cheesy) and grew a lot in confidence and independence, which is the number one reason why I am glad I went on Study Abroad. Whilst abroad I also started seriously considering my options after graduation, as my course in museum studies at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University inspired me to look into going into the heritage industry.


Other Student Experiences