The best study abroad experience

Written by Gabija Mieliauskaite

My experience here at Monash University, Australia has been amazing and will be one of my most cherished moments of life.

I had the most productive and enjoyable time studying at the Monash Art, Design and Architecture institute, as I was able to focus on my subject matter and produce a high standard of work, and mostly, work that I am so proud of. Not only this, but I have made amazing friends and memories along the way that are priceless – and that I’ll never forget. 
I have found my semester here so enriching, because I felt fully supported and equipped to give it my best, and I can safely say that I have gained so much from this. Starting from my reignited passion for paintings to finding my subject matter as an artist.
Not only have I created oil paintings, but I have also been able to use programs such as Photoshop to create designs and also plans for my paintings, Premier Pro to create video work and InDesign to create pamphlets for exhibitions as part of our course. This opportunity has been so useful, and this is something that I can take away and use in my professional and personal life, and I couldn’t be any more grateful for this.

I have also been able to make the most of my time here in Australia and see as much of the country that I can. I have visited places such as Brisbane, Byron Bay, Tasmania to name a few – and also go internationally to New Zealand. I have had the opportunity to explore Melbourne a lot more, and also seeing a lot more art galleries and exhibitions at places like the NGV, Anna Schwartz Gallery and Buxton Contemporary – by countless inspiring international artists. We have traveled to places nearby – such as the Grampians, where we saw many waterfalls and the mountain ranges. During our mid-semester break, we traveled to Gold Coast and Byron Bay. This was a perfect time away as we spent a lot of our time on the beach, but also exploring Springbrook national park nearby. I had the chance to also improve my surfing skills in Byron Bay and Manly in Sydney – both of which were unbelievable and rewarding! We also went kayaking and saw some whales, which was an amazing experience in itself. The nature was exquisite and to be able to experience it first hand has been the craziest time, and I feel so unbelievably lucky!

For me, the experiences that I’ve had have meant so much to me, as I have learned so much about how rich Australian culture is, and the history of the Indigenous Australians. I have had the chance to really understand what has happened in this country, and also walk the grounds that people have cultivated and cared for, for centuries, and really appreciate the exquisite beauty of Australia and it’s neighboring islands.

The opportunity and support that I’ve received has been amazing and has also given me the confidence to do my best and  immerse myself fully in the Australian experience as much as I could, and I’ve had the best study abroad experience I could’ve ever hoped for.


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