Green Mobility

The University of Reading’s institutional Strategy (2020-26) states that our: “… long-term ambition to be the greenest university in the UK, we will lead by example and commit to genuine carbon neutrality by 2030…”.

As part of this institutional commitment the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office will make a financial contribution of £5 for each student joining the Study Abroad Programme.  This will be used to either offset or inset the CO₂ emissions on a project that meets Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction (VER) standard (project details to be agreed). We are doing the same with outgoing mobility also (although the contribution is higher)

To begin with this contribution will be for incoming mobilities joining the Study Abroad Programme taking place in academic years 2021/2 and 2022/3. However, it is planned to be reviewed and renewed thereafter. We acknowledge that this will not be sufficient to cover the full CO₂ emissions generated, but it is a start. We encourage both our partner institutions and students joining the Study Abroad Programme at Reading to offset (or inset) their own travel CO₂ emissions in addition, so that collectively we can work towards making Study Abroad as carbon neutral an activity as we possibly can.