Reading: a place and a period of time I will miss forever

Written by Ruomeng Li

I really want to thank the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office for giving me the opportunity to write something to remember this amazing experience in Reading.

First, I need to express my appreciation to the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office. They not only helped me with my studies like selecting modules, but also organized really enjoyable and interesting events, allowing me to know more people and explore this impressive country. Actually, most of my friends I made there are Study Abroad Programme students from all over the world. One of my best friends in Reading is a girl from France. We met each other when we were both waiting for the coordinator to sign the learning statement. We found that we had one same module, in which we did become great partners. We spared no effort on the group project and travelled towns and attractions in the trips organized by the Office together.

Second, in terms of the studies, the University of Reading offered a list of modules for Study Abroad Programme students. As a Henley Business School student, I took Investment Strategy and Management, Mathematical Modelling, Innovation and Market Entry, and Introduction to International Financial Accounting. The teachers are nice and considerate, who made arrangements and adjustments for Study Abroad Programme students only staying there for one term. They also welcome and try their best to provide assistance if you have any questions after classes.

At last, I want to talk a little bit about how this experience changed my thoughts and view. Before it, I did not think that I would go abroad for further study. But now, I would like to apply for a master in other countries (maybe the U.K. again!). I really like the pace of life in Reading: it seems to be slow and quiet yet everyone is concentrated and energetic to what he or she wants. It is quite different from where I live, Beijing. In a noisy and fast city, it is really hard to see what you truly want in your heart. I didn’t feel intense competition in Reading but I felt very motivated. This experience taught me to be independent and enjoy a peaceful time belonging to your own. In addition, I travelled a lot during the term time as well as after the term. Oxford, London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Durham, York, Manchester, Sheffield… Each place gave me a unique feeling and display its characteristics through its churches, museums, and its streets. I promise that I would love to go back to the U.K. again.

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